Chronic Lower Back Pain

I just wanted to tell you what an incredible Rolfer you are. I did the rolfing series with you in Bellevue over a decade ago, and the life changes it brought meant so much to me. I had chronic lower back pain, which was greatly reduced after just a single session with you. And over the next nine sessions the pain was completely eliminated and replaced with athleticism and strength. I was competing in submission grappling at the time (even with back pain), and was finally able to start winning competitions after the rolfing series.


But the improved athleticism was icing on the cake. The ability to eliminate pain was the most important thing, which really allowed for me to enjoy my youth the way that young people should.

If you’re curious, here are some before and after pictures I had taken back then.

–Kevin Takaki

For Back Injury

In June of 2000, I fell 30 feet from a ladder and broke my back in three places and shattered my left tibial plateau, both clacaneous (heal) bones, and numerous bones in my left foot and ankle.

After a year of physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage, I began seeing Jamie for Rolfing to further my recovery and try to get back to a normal state of physical activity.

Almost immediately, I noticed positive changes in the mobility of my foot and softening of the muscles in my leg.

I have continued to work with Jamie about twice a month for the past three years and find his Rolfing work to be one of the few things that continue to help me progress.

–Kevin Locke

Arthritis & Lumbar Scoliosis

I began my experience of Rolfing to further my knowledge and experience of different massage modalities and techniques. I am a licensed massage therapist and had been for almost seven years when I first meet Jamie Compton and experienced his touch as a Rolfer.

Initially, my intent was to experience the initial series of ten treatments and then return to traditional massage to keep my body functioning. Jamie’s touch and my job has kept me a regular monthly (and often more frequent) visitor for three years.

Jamie has kept my hands and arms physically capable of doing massage on others. When my fingers and thumbs were so painful I could hardly close my hand and my arms were painful knots, Jamie worked on me using Ida Rolf’s techniques and I was able to work.

Rolfing has slowed the progression of my arthritis and lumbar scoliosis, relieved the pain from my fallen arches, improved my posture, and made me feel ten years younger—sometimes all in one session.

How has Rolfing helped me? It gives me something to look forward to even when I am depressed because I know that when Jamie has finished working on me, my body will be straighter and less painful. It enables me to be almost as young as I feel inside.

–Barbara H. McDaniel, BS, LMP

Torn Hamstring & Bad Posture

Four years after tearing my hamstring up at the insertion point, four years of physical therapy, massage, and movement treatments, all to no avail, finally I decided to try rolfing.

All I knew about rolfing was derived from comedy sketches involving enormous, hairy women with muscular arms and bone-crushing grips. By good fortune, I happened across Jamie Compton, a normal-sized, not particularly hairy man with muscular arms and a bone-crushing grip.

The change that rolfing has worked in my hamstring is amazing. I no longer need to use a specially engineered cushion to sit down for longer than a few minutes; I can drive my car without collapsing in agony; and I can walk uphill and down (there’s lots of that in Seattle) without a touch of discomfort.

I’m also enjoying unsought-for side benefits. My gait is longer and more balanced; my posture has improved, even my seated posture, which I had thought was beyond repair, and less tangible but no less genuine is the sense of overall well-being that I’ve enjoyed.

Jamie is a true healer, dedicated to his clients and skillful in promoting their health. He is also a character, with an antic sense of humor and not a shred of self-importance.

–Mary-Claire Van Leunen

When Chiropractic Care & Massage Can’t Help

After I started Rolfing, I felt 10 years younger. My energy greatly increased.

I had enjoyed massage for many years before Rolfing. I noticed that the benefits that I received from Rolfing had a more lasting effect than my massages. I saw a chiropractor just before I started Rolfing, but I no longer needed to see the chiropractor once I started Rolfing.

I have found Jamie Compton to be a caring and competent professional. Jamie is very personable. Jamie is the second Rolfer I have experienced, and he is the best! I trust him! I will miss him being in this area (Seattle/Bellevue).

You are lucky to have him in New York!

–Kathy King

Relief For Chronic Tension & Poor Posture

I work at a computer all day, and drive at least 90 minutes a day, and play the violin 1-2 hours a day, so there are constant stresses on my posture, and restrictions on movement is built in to these activities.

Rolfing restores my freedom of choice in how to stand , move, sit, and even what position is comfortable for sleeping. Since carriage and bearing is such a prime communicator of how I feel about myself, Rolfing has a very positive effect on my self confidence and ability to express myself to others.

It’s very helpful on a regular basis to clear up chronic tension and pain. I can breathe, stand, and move more easily after a Rolfing session.

–Margaret Elwood

Chronic Shoulder Pain

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the session last Friday night. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you since the session I have felt better than I have in years.

Even my chronic shoulder problem has improved dramatically.

–Mike Hess, New York, NY

A Dancer’s Success Story

I am writing to let you know that I am over the moon with excitement and joy for the changes in my body since you rolfed me.

Last week I performed for the first time since you started working on me. The freedom I experienced was unbelievable. I felt so grounded yet light, mobile yet stable. I was able to access my quick twitch muscles and accent the music with a sharpness and clarity I have never felt before. I really can’t thank you enough.

I feel that you are truly gifted at what you do. You helped my body enormously, but also I feel less trapped in my thought patterns as well.

–Joelle Oliver, New York, NY via Saskatchewan, Canada