Please contact me to learn more about Rolfing or to set up an appointment.

Complimentary half-hour consultation

If you would like to learn more about Rolfing but are not sure yet whether you want to pursue the series, please come in for a FREE half hour consultation. I would enjoy this opportunity to answer your questions and let you know how you might benefit from Rolfing.

The Rolfing series and pricing

The Rolfing series typically is a grouping of 10 sessions spaced anywhere from one to three weeks apart. There is no contract for the 10 series, so you can decide whether you want to complete the whole series or a part of it. The first session lasts 1 1/2 hours, and all following sessions last about one hour. The first session is longer to allow for personal information and a medical history intake.

The standard cost per Rolfing is $155 per session when paid with a credit card. Price is discounted to $150 when paying by check or cash.  Both of these fees do not include Santa Fe, NM sales tax. For more information on the Rolfing® series, see my Frequently Asked Questions.

Your first appointment

If you’re new to Rolfing, you may be wondering what to bring or how to dress. A Rolfing session is a lot like massage. You’ll be lying on a padded surface while I perform manipulations and joint stretches with my hands. Periodically, I’ll ask you to walk around the room in order to analyze changes in your body. Proper attire for this would be a choice of underwear, gym shorts, swimsuit, t-shirt/tank top, or whatever you prefer. Generally, synthetic material is not best as it can be slippery in contrast to cotton or other natural fabric.