How I Got Into Rolfing®

jamie compton

I became interested in Rolfing after receiving my own Rolfing treatment series, which I pursued to free me of the pain I had resulting from numerous sports injuries.

Rolfing provided a number of physical benefits to me, but most importantly it “woke me up” and gave me a new sense of being in my body, rather than just having a body. This prompted me to pursue a career in Rolfing.

Ever since, I have helped numerous patients experience the same relief from pain as well as a new sense of physical and emotional freedom.

In 2011 I completed my studies to become a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner. This complimentary modality of healing trauma became my bridge for linking the structural body with the sensory body.

My Approach To Rolfing®

I am a sensitive yet strong Rolfer with particular interests in the linking of the emotional self with the structural self. Being out of alignment comes about not just through previous physical trauma, but also by our emotional belief systems.

I believe our bodies are the housing for the feelings that we accumulate and that the Rolfing series is a wonderful way to simultaneously open up the structure and to access emotional growth.

Relief For Physical and Emotional Pain

I became interested in Rolfing when I received my own Rolfing treatment series. I had played soccer for many years, and the results of accumulative accidents were taking their toll on me.

In addition, my favorite pastime of rock hounding in the Cascades for crystals and agates had caused strain on my lower back.

Rolfing helped me bring my body back to balance after all those soccer games, and it keeps me more agile and flexible for those ever evasive crystals.

Rolfing provided a number of benefits to me, including straightening out my feet, centering my head over my shoulders, increasing my flexibility and eliminating a slouching posture.

More than that, it “woke me up” and gave me a new sense of being in my body, rather than just having a body. Rolfing stopped my body from collapsing towards the ground and, instead, gave it an upward lift toward the sky.

In addition to the structural changes, I had substantial emotional growth as well. By two months after my Rolfing series had completed, I became aware of a strong sense of identity that translated into greater confidence and a more connected feeling to who I was and how I felt.

Years ago I had gone through a process of psychotherapy that was supportive but not life changing. In contrast, the Rolfing felt life changing in that it gave me the physical access to feelings on a level more palpable than the process of conversation coming out of psychotherapy.

My Rolfing experience has been a major “opening up” for me. While Rolfing has given me a keener awareness of my physical and emotional self, it has also opened my eyes to the world of health outside of traditional medicine. This has translated to a greater understanding and responsibility towards my body. Instead of treating the symptom, I am working with the foundation and the cause.

My past work as an architect has evolved well with Rolfing’s focus on the integration of body structure with body movement. Each person’s body is a structural puzzle—pieces of which include combinations of past physical and emotional traumas that have led to muscular and connective tissue imbalances.

The variations to the puzzles are as limitless and as varied as the person is. Rolfing is my way of contributing to the world and my way of continuing my own growth since I learn as much about myself when I provide relief to others.