How I got into Rolfing®

Jamie Compton

I became interested in Rolfing after receiving my own Rolfing treatment series, which I pursued to free me of the pain I had resulting from numerous sports injuries.

Rolfing provided a number of physical benefits to me, but most importantly it “woke me up” and gave me a new sense of being in my body, rather than just having a body. This prompted me to pursue a career in Rolfing.

Ever since, I have helped numerous patients experience the same relief from pain as well as a new sense of physical and emotional freedom.

In 2011 I completed my studies to become a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner. This complimentary modality of healing trauma became my bridge for linking the structural body with the sensory body.

My Approach to Rolfing®

I am a sensitive yet strong Rolfer with particular interests in the linking of the emotional self with the structural self. Being out of alignment comes about not just through previous physical trauma, but also by our emotional belief systems.

I believe our bodies are the housing for the feelings that we accumulate and that the Rolfing series is a wonderful way to simultaneously open up the structure and to access emotional growth.